An extremely rare and an extremely powerful form of Immunity. This form of immunity allows the user to become immune to everything magical from potions and spells to all supernatural powers. What makes this ability so advanced is that the user is capable of projecting their immunity to someone else, which not only protects them from all magical attacks, but (if they have powers themselves) will temporarily loose them until the immunity it lifted. Another powerful branch of this ability is that it allows the user to tap into another magical beings abilities as long they are in the same room as them; this allows the carrier to use their own enemies' abilities against them. It is interesting to note, however, that whilst the user is tapping into another's power; they themselves then become vulnerable to any magical attack.

Although this ability protects against all magical attacks, they do not protect the user from physical attacks.

If the caster was to project this ability across an area, and then someone with an ability (like Invisibility) entered said area - they invisibility would be lifted, revealing them.

Gallery Edit

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