Bellamin is an elder who is the Symbol of the Charmed One's and represents them in the High Court Society of Witchcraft. He is new to the High Court Society and the Charmed Ones are his first coven he was sent to represent. The Charmed Ones did not know anything about him until Prue was in high emotional distress after witnessing Jack being stabbed, Prue was called into questioning by the High Court so Bellamin went down to give her emotional support considering she could not contact her sisters or Leo.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Due to Bellamin being an ex-elder, he was able to keep his powers after becoming a "Symbol" in the High Court. So besides the basic powers of an elder he has:

  • Clairvoyance - He can see the Charmed Ones all the time
  • Telepathy - He is capable (if he ever needs to) of talking to them telepathically
  • Immunity - He is immune to every power
  • Intangibility - He is capable of phasing through solid objects

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