Christian Warlock
Warlock Information
Species Warlock
Status Vanquished
Notable powers


Christian was an extremely powerful, teen warlock who was capable of stripping the Charmed One's powers and taking them for himself.


The Boy Who Cried Wendigo Edit

When Christian was with his alleged girlfriend, he was attacked by a Wendigo. The sisters appeared at the scene, Christian was able to put the Wendigo into a trance and immobilize it. The Charmed Ones cared for (not knowing he was a warlock) and they helped him kill the Wendigo. After the vanquish; Christian immobilized the four Sisters and left them there.

Memory Whisperer Part 1 Edit

When Piper was able to free herself and the Sisters from the trance, Christian appeared and attacked. Piper blew him up however a powdery substance went inside her. When the Sisters got home, the Book shocked Piper because the powder had reversed her morale. Phoebe was only able to sense evil within Piper, at that moment, Piper flashes and disappears. Christian was able to trick Piper into stripping her and her sisters' powers and gaining them for himself. When the Sisters arrive, Christian kills all of them including Piper, except Paige. Paige runs for the Book (that she had orbed to the mansion earlier) and it teleported her away to safety.

Memory Whisperer Part 2 Edit

Christian orbs into the attic where an upset Paige is; he throws one of Prue's kinetic balls which is blocked by the Book of Shadows shield. Paige throws a vase in mid-air which (through reflex) is frozen by Christian, as he is distracted Paige drops the final crystal trapping him. Paige calls for her sisters from a spell in the Book, as the powers leave Christian all of them enter Paige; she throws her hands in the air and (using Piper's combustion ability) Christian explodes, finally vanquishing him.

Christian is portrayed by Louis Hunter

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