Sisters in Demonland
The Sisters hide in Demonland
Date 18th July, 2011
Seasons 9
Episode 4
Director Shannen Doherty
Previous Episode Magic Can't Handle Me
Next Episode Lost Witches Part 1
“We can just stay here, we will get spotted.” - Phoebe

Plot Edit

After talking to the Elders about the Sisters sudden power advancements Leo returns and stumbles upon an Abandoned Warehouse. As he enters he is sucked through a vortex where he is then released into a hot red place known as Demonland. After hearing about the Power Advancements the Demons ran from the Underworld and surfaced creating a new dimension called ‘Demonland’. When Leo teleports back to the Manor via potion his memory is strangely wiped. Later on Paige stumbles upon the same place and fights a few demons but when she leaves she cannot remember where she was or why she was there either. Paige feels like she has forgotten something so she takes a potion which brings back all lost memories. Piper and Phoebe come in as they hear Paige screaming; what they discover is a hologram of what Paige saw (Demonland). The sisters orb to the Warehouse and use their new and old abilities to fight off the demons.

Trivia Edit

  • The title of this episode is based on the 2009 movie 'Zombieland'.
  • This marks the first appearance of the Heavens in Season 9.
  • This is the first appearance of the 'Demonland'.
  • Demons are scared of the new 'Power Advancements'.

Clip Edit

Charmed - 09x04 - Demonland Clip00:22

Charmed - 09x04 - Demonland Clip

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