Phoebe in Doomed
Phoebe goes Blonde with rage
Date 31st October, 2011
Seasons 9
Episode 17
Director James L. Conway
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“I casted a spell which backfire, resulting in the reincarnation of hell itself!" - Phoebe

Plot Edit

When Prue calls Jack, he begins to freak out when Prue reveals the big secret. Phoebe casts a spell to guide her to her inner-feelings which backfires and results in a mass explosion which knocks Phoebe down and releases an old ‘friend’. Piper runs up with the Book in her hands where she is shocked to find Cole emerging through smoke standing in the middle of the Attic. Phoebe stumbles away where she tries to ‘mentally damage’ him which fails and blowing him fails also. Prue and Jack ‘astral teleport’ in, where Prue tries to disperse him, failing. Phoebe gets very angry at the fact Cole has returned which puts Phoebe in a ‘furious state’. She shoots electrical bolts from her hands which hit Cole sending him flying; Phoebe morphs from herself into a blonde version of herself in yellow clothing. She and her sisters orb out leaving Cole behind where he sends a kinetic ball that orbs with them.

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The sisters orb into a forest not far from the house where Phoebe transforms back to her normal herself. Piper asked what Phoebe did and she replies that she cast a spell which backfired resulting in a reincarnation of Cole himself; Piper gets angry at what Phoebe has done, Phoebe transforms back to her ‘kick-ass, angry version’ and teleports back to the Manor where she conjures enough negative emotions where she throws it at the Reincarnated Cole. He gets hit where he fades out in a series of sparkles. Prue, Piper and Jack appear where they find Phoebe destroying the Attic, she turns round to face the three where they find her eyes red with rage: she fades out and the scene cuts to black.

Trivia Edit

  • The title of this episode is the opposite of Charmed.
  • Julian McMahon returns for the rest of Season 9 from this episode.
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