Prue Blasts Piper
Prue blasts Piper with a Kinetic Ball
Hear Me Roar!
Date 24th October, 2011
Seasons 9
Episode 16
Director James L. Conway
Previous Episode Shield Me
Next Episode Doomed
“Piper, blast her!" - Phoebe

Plot Edit

The sisters decline Prue’s request to be heard so Prue uses more of a violent approach. She throws balls of kinetic energy that hits Piper but are dodged by Phoebe and Paige. Meanwhile, Jack runs up to the Manor where he hears screaming, he runs to the attic where he is hit by a potion that was flung via one of the explosions. He thuds down to the ground which interrupts Prue; she runs down to check on Jack where she finds his wound rapidly healing. Piper stands back and walks towards her sisters, where they watch in a puzzled astonishment. Jack wakes up and asks what happened and Prue has automatically lies to keep him safe. She asks Jack to leave and says that she will call him later, Prue faces back to her sisters where she approaches them, and Piper blasts her back in fear. Paige runs up to Prue and heals her but her power is ineffective so Paige looks at the wound and bandages orb in and wrap themselves over the injured area. She then casts a spell which makes the bandages glow and fade away in a fire where the wound then heals. Later on, Prue wakes up and says sorry to her sisters, but she only wanted to be heard, they listen in and Prue asks whether she can return to the Manor as she is finding it too difficult to cope on her own and that she misses all of them, including Paige. They all hug and Prue goes to the phone and calls Jack where she says “We need to talk,”.

Spell to Heal a Wound Edit

Reach down to my hearts desire,
Heal this wound with the power of fire,
Remove the pain and suffering,
Healing is what I'm offering

Clip Edit

Charmed - 09x16 - Hear Me Roar! Clip

Charmed - 09x16 - Hear Me Roar! Clip

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