The Seer's Vanquish in Season 9
The Seer's vanquish
Helpless in San Francisco
Date 26th September, 2011
Seasons 9
Episode 12
Director Holly Marie Combs
Previous Episode Fantastic Prue
Next Episode She Fights Alone
“We'll go to the Seer, you just stay here and do not Astral Project.” - Paige

Plot Edit

With her powers not working properly; Piper, Phoebe and Paige must become the Power of Three again to finally vanquish the Seer so they can focus on more powerful demons getting higher in the Demonic Hierarchy. They orb to Demonland where the Seer is now so they can battle. Piper attempts to melt her but she absorbs it, Phoebe’s empathy is immobilized leaving Paige. She orbs the potion at the Seer but she goes intangible allowing it to pass through her; the potion vile smashes, spilling over the floor. The Seer captures the three (again); Prue and Leo are getting worried about why the Sisters have not returned so Prue tries to Astral Project but, unfortunately she becomes frozen in her projection state. This changes her molecular state to the fact that she has become intangible. She teleports to Demonland where she herself comes face to face with the Seer; the Seer throws many attacks at Prue but they all seem to go through her. Prue telekinetically flicks the potion (on the floor) directly at the Seer, vanquishing her. Prue passes through the caves protective field (that is holding the sisters) where she saves the three of them; orbing back to the Manor.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the last episode Prue's powers go 'wacky'.
  • Holly Marie Combs (Piper Halliwell) was asked to direct this episode and she accepted. She thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • The death scene of the Seer is similar to the Season 4's.
  • Prue becomes intangible.
  • The Seer can absorb almost every power the Charmed Ones use.
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