Injury Transference is the ability to use Empathy, but instead of projecting emotions; you project pain and injury. If a being, with this ability active, was injured they would be able to transfer it over to another being, possibly resulting in death. Whilst this ability is active the user is practically invincible, making this ability extremely powerful. If advanced enough, this ability can be used to project the same injury over a large amount of people.

Uses Edit

This ability can be used to vanquish demons in many different ways:

  • Stabbing yourself with a sharp object, like a knife, and projecting it over to the demon.
  • If the demon was to throw and attack at you (like an Energy Ball), you would allow it to hit you but transfer the damage back to the demon.
  • Throw a vanquishing potion at the ground by your feet and transfer to the damage over to the demon.

Limitations Edit

If you were to stab yourself and transfer the pain and wound to someone who is invincible, neither people involved would get wounded. If someone was protected by advanced immunity, the transference would get rebounded back to the being; ultimately harming yourself.

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