Prue and Jack in Jack is Back
Prue and Jack have a 'chat'
Jack is Back
Date 10th October, 2011
Seasons 9
Episode 14
Director James L. Conway
Previous Episode She Fights Alone
Next Episode Shield Me
“Hello Prue.” - Jack

Plot Edit

After battling a Chameleon Demon, Prue goes back to her motel where she is suddenly stunned to find her ex-boyfriend (Jack Sheridan) standing in the middle of her dingy bedroom/living-room. Meanwhile (down in the Underworld) a panicky Power of Three are trapped after their triumph in preventing an event that could decimate all that is/was good. Paige not being able to orb out of there, Piper attempts to melt the rock above them in attempts to reach the surface whilst Phoebe searches for a lair with teleportation potions. Back at the motel, Prue and Jack get talking and Jack asks how she has been. After a long conversation, the pair share a heat of the moment kiss and lower down to the bed. Finding a potion to get them out of the underworld Phoebe throws the potion to the ground and the three disappear in a puff of smoke, returning to the Manor. Happy about their success they break out a bottle of wine and have a nice relaxing night, demon free. The scene drops down to Prue who (after sleeping with Jack) steps out of the squeaky bed leaving Jack behind; sleeping.

Trivia Edit

  • Jack Sheridan returns in this episode and becomes part of the main cast where he will be Prue's boyfriend.
  • James L. Conway (a previous director of Charmed) directs this and every future episode of Season Nine as of this episode.
  • This is Prue's first love interest since her ressurection.
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