Jasmine Carter
Character Information
Birth date 2003
Species Witch
Status Alive
  • Wyatt Halliwell - (boyfriend)
Notable powers
  • Influencing the Elements
  • Motion Sense
Portrayed by

Phoebe Tonkin

Jasmine Carter (born 2003) is the witch of unknown parents; when her family died during the cataclysm, she was found by Wyatt and she joined the Known coven following on to be Wyatt's girlfriend.

Powers and Abilties Edit

  • Influencing the Elements:
    • Aerokinesis - air
    • Pyrokinesis - fire
    • Hydrokinesis - water
    • Geokinesis - earth
  • Motion Sense - using her power over the elements, Jasmine is capable of sensing all motion in an area; this includes things like heartbeats and breathing. If something is in motion, whether it be invisible or obscured, Jasmine will pick it up no matter what.

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