Abandoned Warehouse
The abandoned Warehouse; a portal to Demonland
Lost Witches Part 1
Date 25th July, 2011
Seasons 9
Episode 5
Director Shannen Doherty
Previous Episode Demonland
Next Episode Lost Witches Part 2
“She's here.” - Piper

Plot Edit

After escaping from the demon attacks in ‘Demonland’ the Charmed Ones realize that they were not the only ones stumbling across the entrance to ‘Demonland’. The demons were luring close by witches to take their powers and gain enough strength to go against the Charmed Ones and everyone they loved. Piper stumbles upon a new spell entry in the Book of Shadows called ‘To Bring Back a Lost One’. The three must choose whether they bring either: Prue (their lost sister), Patty (their mother) or Penny (their Grams) to fight off this new demonic swarm. Who do they choose?

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time the Sisters are able to bring someone back from the dead, permanently.
  • This is the first ever two-parter to feature in the middle of a season.

Image Edit


Charmed - 09x05&06 - Lost Witches Clip00:39

Charmed - 09x05&06 - Lost Witches Clip

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