Summoning Prue Back From The Dead
Prue Halliwell returns!
Lost Witches Part 2
Date 1st August, 2011
Seasons 9
Episode 6
Director Shannen Doherty
Previous Episode Lost Witches Part 1
Next Episode Tick Tock
“Run! Go to the Kitchen!” - Prue


Demons attacking everyone the Charmed Ones are close to, they must decide who to resurrect: Prue, Patty or Penny. The Sisters all want their mother back but they have all decided that if Prue comes back they will have an official Power of Four that they could use to fight many demons with and destroy Demonland and all the demons harming those close to them. After the casting of the spell, the Sisters wait in silence waiting and hoping for Prue to return. A few minutes later they hear an explosion from downstairs, they run down and find… Prue. Shocked of what they are seeing Piper and Phoebe run up to Prue however Paige stands, frozen, never having met Prue before. After the ‘meet and greet’ process half of the Manor is ripped from its foundations and thousands of demons flame, smoke, fade and shimmer in attacking the Charmed Ones+1. Piper blowing up and melting multiple demons at a time, Phoebe reflecting horrible, human emotions against charging Demon, Paige orbing hearts and lungs from demons body and protecting herself from impending danger. Prue (not sure what to do) does not use her powers to fight them off, she uses her combat skills that we have not seen for six years. After a demon throws an Energy Ball at Paige sending her flying; Prue snaps out and starts using her Telekinetic abilities against the demons, waves of powerful telekinetic energy spurring from her hands killing dozens of demons at a time. There were too many for the four of them to fight off so they started to run. They got to the kitchen where they all huddled together, including Paige, in fear of what was going to happen. Something happened between the Sisters; blue beams spat, electrical energy flying out; Within a huge explosion all the demons plus the Manor were gone and there was no trace of the Sisters, the Demons or the Manor to be found.

Spell to Resurrect a Loved One Edit

Hear now the Power of Three,
Set all our troubles free,
Bring back our sisters remains,
Bring Prue back to our domain.



  • This is the first appearance of Shannen Doherty for 11 years and 5 seasons of Charmed
  • This marks the first time the sisters can bring someone back from the dead, permanently
  • This is the second time the Manor has exploded
  • The first appearance of the Power of Four


Charmed - 09x06 - Lost Witches Part II Clip00:09

Charmed - 09x06 - Lost Witches Part II Clip

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