Molecular Combustion (simply referred to in the show as blasting), is the magical ability to speed up the molecules of an object/person to the point where they combustion. This is Piper Halliwell's second power that she gained at the end of Season Three. Originally, this power was activated by anger, during which she either flicked her hands and 'blew up' the target. During early seasons (3-4) Piper had almost no control over this power and everytime she waved her hands she would accidently blow something up. When Piper had PMS she blew up the Chandelier without waving her hands; she just got angry at Paige and Phoebe and it combusted. During Season Eight, she was able to blow up a Triad Member with just three blows to the chest. During Season Nine she was able to blow up multiple demons at once by just looking at them whilst she was tied to a metal pole, and she later discovered that she was capable of blowing up the molecules in the air. This meant that she could literally "blow up air".

List of Users Edit

Good UsersEdit

  • Piper Halliwell
  • Leo Wyatt (switched powers with Piper; temporarily)
  • Denise (Piper's power entered her; temporarily)
  • Kyle (Whilst in possession of Tuatha's wand; temporarily)

Evil UsersEdit

  • The Source of All Evil (stole Piper's powers; temporarily)
  • Mabel Stillman (stole Piper's powers; temporarily)
  • Pilar (stole Piper's powers; temporarily)
  • Zankou (stole Piper's powers; temporarily)
  • Tuatha (whilst in possession of her wand)