Piper Is Pregnant
Piper tells her sisters that she is pregnant
Orbing Minds
Date 15th August, 2011
Seasons 9
Episode 8
Director Ben Weiss
Previous Episode Tick Tock
Next Episode Breaking Piper
“Oh, Um... I-I'm pregnant!” - Piper


The world now knowing Prue is alive again, it is time for a Demon from the past to ruin it for them. The Seer known for stealing Phoebe’s child has returned, but what for? Prue stumbles upon her one day after a day at 415 attacking an innocent bystander. Prue waves her arm but The Seer did not move, she was pulled apart into tiny molecules. The eldest of the Sisters never having met the Seer ran home as she was not sure about what she did, or who she did it to. Running up to the attic where her sisters were, she magically pulled the Book of Shadows towards her and starting flipping through where she found the entry on the Demon she ‘killed’. Piper, Phoebe and Paige stepping back in surprise at who Prue who had just pointed out; she began to read. The sisters explained to Prue who the Seer was and what she did to Phoebe, which is when Prue spills the beans about her power advancement. Confused, Piper called Leo and asks what Prue’s new power advancement was; he explained that where Prue can move herself and objects with her mind, she can now pull a being's particles apart from another being. Leo looked awkwardly at Piper and said to the Sisters that Piper and Leo have something to tell them: Piper was pregnant. This was why she could orb on command and why she has not surpassed any serious injuries. At that moment a figure 'Glistened' into the room... The Seer! Prue attempts to separate the Seer's particles but nothing happened (she was protected), The Seer opened her arms and, suddenly, Piper pulled and disappeared as did The Seer.

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Trivia Edit

  • The title of the episode is based on the series Criminal Minds.
  • Ben Weiss (the director of many Friends episodes) also directed this episode.
  • It is revealed that Debbi Morgan will part of the Main Cast for most of Season 9
  • Prue has a 'Power Advancement'.
  • It is revealed that Piper is pregnant with Melinda; the reason why Piper can orb and self-heal .
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