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Episode List: January 2012 - May 2012

Image Title Original Airdate Episode
Barbas In Fear of The Witches Fear of the Witches January 2, 2012 198 10.01
When the Demon of Fear returns for one more scare, the Power of Four must unite to vanquish this evil being, however a loved one's life is taken away.
Piper Forgetting Jack Sheridan Forgetting Jack Sheridan January 9, 2012 199 10.02
The sudden death of Jack has made Prue vulnerable to a demon that reverses her morale. An attack in the Kitchen results in an injury for Piper and a captured Prue.
Magic School Portal Something to Die For January 16, 2012 200 10.03
When a captured Prue breaks free of the Force Field she wrecks havoc but she is then thwarted by Wyatt and Chris. Piper casts a spell to Lighten One's Mood which leads to Piper accidently blowing Prue up.
The Boy Who Cried Wendigo Promo The Boy Who Cried Wendigo January 23, 2012 201 10.04
When a male teen witch is attacked by a Wendigo, the Sisters must team together in attempts to vanquish it. However, have they made a big mistake helping a witch they don't even know.
The Sisters' Powers are Stripped Memory Whisperer Part 1 January 30, 2012 202 10.05
When Christian gets into Piper's head after she blows him up, he is able to manipulate her into giving up her and her sisters' powers. When Christian gains their powers, he kills all of them, except the most powerful.
Memory Whisperer Part 2 - Paige traps Christian Memory Whisperer Part 2 February 6, 2012 203 10.06
The death of Paige's sisters has left her distraught. However, she must regain the strength to vanquish Christian and bring her sisters back before its too late.
10x07 - Lunar Power - Profile Lunar Power February 13, 2012 204 10.07
The Full Moon gives the sister's an extra Power Boost which puts themselves and other's around them in danger. When a Spirit Demon attacks; and takes the Book of Shadows; the sister's must use this power boost to get it back!
Skeletal Being Grey Mist February 20, 2012 205 10.08
When a grey mist attacks the sisters, captures Piper and turns everyone against Prue, Phoebe and Paige; Piper tries her hardest to save them. Does she succeed?
Piper's Glove Trapped in, Locked in February 27, 2012 206 10.09
When special glass gloves are sent as a gift to the Charmed Ones, they put them on without the knowledge of who sent them and what they can do.
YellowSmokeDemons Familiar Faces March 5, 2012 207 10.10
As the Sisters come across a powerful demon who can warp certain past events, familiar faces come back from their pasts.
10x Sparks Powers Gone Wild March 12, 2012 208 10.11
With a demon thriving off Wyatt, Chris and Melinda's powers, it would be a really bad moment for the sisters' powers to go wacky again, especially when Piper and Leo are at risk.
10x12 - Jack Attack Solo Prue April 2nd, 2012 209 10.12
When Jack is injured and taken away from Prue, she is introduced to a new society when she cannot contact her sisters or Leo.
SoloPaige Amulet Solo Paige April 9th, 2012 210 10.13
When Billie seeks Paige's help after her powers are stripped, it is revealed that Billie is one of the guardians to the Amulets of Protection - even though they were believed to have been destroyed.
SoloPhoebeStill001 Solo Phoebe April 16th, 2012 211 10.14
Phoebe's anxiety becomes a serious problem which means she has to visit a Witch Doctor who informs her that her fear has severed her connection to her emphatic and foresight abilities.
Piper.3 Solo Piper April 23rd, 2012 212 10.15
Just as Piper closes the deal on her restaurant, a demon resurrected by her own son threatens not only her life, but the rest of her families.
Piperblastedback The Revelation April 30th, 2012 213 10.16
After it is revealed that the reason the sisters' powers have been acting so differently is because of a decision they made over a year ago, they struggle coming to terms with their options.
CHARMED116 1653 We Will Fight May 21st, 2012 214 10.17
In denial of what they know they have to do to restore their powers, the sisters come together to form a plan to try and fight the system and keep them all united.
PrueFinalChoices The Final Choices Part 1 May 28th, 2012 215 10.18
One sister must leave, The Power of Four can be no more; but who will walk out the door?
The Final Choices Part 2 May 29th, 2012 216 10.19
As Season 10 comes to an end, the sisters struggle to accept the absence of one of their own; living with the knowledge that they can never seem them again.