Paige in Her Shield
Paige conjures a bubble shield
Shield Me
Date 17th October, 2011
Seasons 9
Episode 15
Director James L. Conway
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“Paige?! How are you keeping this shield up?!” - Piper


Paige is found practicing her ‘Orb Shield’ in the attic with her eyes closed. When Piper makes a noise, Paige’s eyes snap open and the shield blasts open, knocking down Piper. Prue is found walking down the street looking like a mess where she is then ambushed by a gang of lower-level demons; she attempts to disperse them but nothing happens. She is hit by an green orb that knocks her down; she comes to and realizes an emotional pull towards the edge of town. Prue ends up outside the Manor and sees Paige leaving in her car with her two twin children and her son. She runs into the manor where she finds Phoebe and Piper practicing their abilities on a training doll. The two look in surprise and smile as Prue bursts through the front door; Prue tries to hug her sisters but is teleported away! Paige returns and asks why the two look so surprised and they say Prue came round, Paige snaps and starts to yell and says that they do not need her and that they are doing good without her. Piper and Phoebe agree to meet Prue on the roof of Prue’s motel. Prue (again) tries to hug her sisters and she is teleported away again. Meanwhile, Paige is left alone at the Manor to fight off a demon attack. Paige is hit by an Energy Ball and is knocked down; she conjures her shield and realizes that to keep her shield up requires a strong emotion of fear. Piper and Phoebe teleport into the shield where they are surprised to find Paige keeping the shield up. Prue runs through the door angrily and kills all the demons and demands to be heard by the three sisters.


Charmed - 09x15 - Shield Me Clip

Charmed - 09x15 - Shield Me Clip

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