Telekinetic Orbing is the ability to move and teleport objects from one location to another through the use of orbs. This ability is a hybrid combination of Telekinesis and Orbing; making it a whitelighter-witch power.

Calling Edit

The predominant use of this ability is to teleport objects to the user; in order to do this the person must "call" for the object. On many occasions Paige says the name of an object or an attack ("Fireball!") and it will orb to her where she can then keep it or redirect it.

Movement Edit

The user can move, impede and control an object with this ability; normally by verbal command but if advanced enough all control can be done through the mind much like Telekinesis.

Charmed: The Void Edit


After the cataclysm and the demise of the Elders, all Orbing abilities were "darkened" and instead of white and blue orbs, black and blue orbs appeared instead.

List of Users Edit