The High Court Society of Witchcraft is an organisation constructed of many different species of magical beings designated to represent a coven. When all members of the coven come into their powers they are assigned a magical being (of which can vary from an Elf to an Avatar) to represent them if they are bought into questioning of the leaders of the High Court. The being who represents the coven (also known as their "Symbol") is always watching their subjects as to provide evidence if they are bought into questioning. The Society is very well hidden and some covens come and go without evening knowing about such organization. Due to the High Court Society only working for Witches (and not Warlocks), it does mean that they are good beings and are not neutral meaning they are capable of vanquishing demons.

The Leaders Edit

The leaders of the High Court Society of Witchcraft are normally those who serve more than one coven, they slowly work their way up the ranks to become said leader. The leaders are the people who call either the entire coven or an individual witch into questioning if they ever do something so abnormal, something diabolical or they simply need some severe emotional help - as soon as they ask to be bought into questioning their Symbol immediately reports to them to inform them.

The Tribunal Edit

The High Court Society of Witchcraft and The Tribunal are very closely linked - if the case is so severe the High Court can transfer it over to the the Tribunal. With the Tribunal however you can appeal directly to them but with the High Court Society, they appeal to you (they also only deal specifically with witches, whereas the Tribunal can deal with any magical being).

Powers and Abilities Edit

Once you become a "Symbol" for the coven, you get to keep your previous abilities you had from your previous title (Gnome, Elder etc) however, you will receive some abilities as bonus:

  • Teleportation (if you do not already have any teleportation abilities)
  • Clairvoyance - You can see the coven you are representing
  • Telepathy - Capable of speaking to the coven you are representing
  • Immunity - To all powers
  • Intangibility - Capable of phasing through solid objects
  • Invisibility - So you can be on the same level as your coven without being seen.