The Solo Series was a four episode series featured in Season 10. It consisted on Solo Prue, Solo Paige, Solo Phoebe and Solo Piper. Each episode focused on a particular sister and their loved ones, in each episode new abilities were discovered, which were:

  • Prue: Advanced Astral Projection
  • Paige: Thermokinesis
    • Billie: Guardian of the Amulet
  • Phoebe: Injury Transference
  • Piper: Molecular Reversion
    • Chris: Vitalum Vitalis

This series was conducted as to cover up certain loopholes created throughout the past two seasons, as well as get a closer insight in the sisters' lives individually. Each episode ran alongside each other in terms of the events shown; such as the sisters stumbling upon each others' disasters.

These four episodes also saw the return of the certain character Billie Jenkins and the return of the demon Valkiline - it also introduced a new society called The High Court Society of Witchcraft which will be explored further in future episodes.

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