The Spirit Demon
Demon Information
Species Demon
Status Vanquished
Notable powers

The Spirit Demon (also known as the Skeletal Demon) was a demon who attacked during a full moon. He stormed into the Manor where he was blasted by Piper, but because of the power boost received from the moon; the demon went flying through the manor outside. When they thought Piper scared the demon away, he flames in behind them where he throws a Kinetic Ball which is thwarted by Paige's shield. Phoebe steps forward and uses her boosted Pathokinesis to make the Skeletal Demon fall to the ground in pain, Paige (horrified at what Phoebe was doing) breaks her concentration so that the demon break free, flaming out.

Paige finds a summoning spell in the Book which she casts without consent from her sisters, the Spirit Demon teleports in where he deflects Piper, Prue and Paige's attempts of attacking him. Phoebe steps forward and again uses her boosted Pathokinesis to rid of the demon - he sinks into the cracks of the floorboards. Phoebe who is glad of her victory is then silenced when the demon rises through the cracks of the floorboard next to the Book where he engulfs it and teleports away.

The Spirit Demon then attacks Henry and Paige later on, sending them through two stories with a powerful blast. The demon then teleports down where he sends Prue flying into the television and impales Piper with an iron rod and he teleports out, again. Phoebe is then capable of reviving everyone. Before the Spirit Demon left he was capable of casting a spell on Piper which gave her sharp pains in her stomach till he was eventually teleported to the Spirit Demon's lair where she was trapped in a cage. He then takes Piper's blood and puts it into his potion - the potions effect was that everyone that knew the Charmed Ones would attack them without any reason.

When Piper found out what the Spirit Demon had to her sisters, she discovered that she was capable of blowing up mid-air, she used this new skill to break her cage and vanquish the demon at last. She then threw branches of a death tree into the potion; cancelling it out.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Smoking and Flaming - the Spirit Demon could use both forms of teleportation
  • Telekinesis - used to send Prue into the television, impale Piper and to cut Piper's cheek
  • Force Field - used to deflect many attacks
  • Unknown Explosive ability - a very powerful blast that broke through two stories.