Manor's Recreation
Piper recreates the Manor
Tick Tock
Date 8th August, 2011
Seasons 9
Episode 7
Director Ben Weiss
Previous Episode Lost Witches Part 2
Next Episode Orbing Minds
“You only have five hours to re-create the Manor and explain the sudden resurrection of Prue because people will start getting suspicious,” - Leo


Injured and homeless, the four Sisters find themselves in serious trouble when Leo tells them that they only have 5 hours to get the Manor back and to find a way to tell people how Prue came back from the dead. Paige and Piper focus on getting the manor back whilst Prue and Phoebe find a way to tell the world that Prue has some how come back to life. Meanwhile (down in the Underworld) a familiar demon comes back to wreak havoc on the Charmed One’s new lives. Piper and Paige combine their magic and re-create the Manor with little difficultly however Prue and Phoebe have no idea what to do. A previous elder from the Charmed Ones past (Odin) orbs in to tell the two that the excuse only has to be simple and that the Elders will use ‘Memory Manipulation’ on the people below to help them understand.


  • The Seer comes back in this episode (Debbi Morgan).
  • The excuse was: "Homeland Security put Prue in Witness Protection due to being involved in a mass drug bust and her safety was feared. After having caught the last connection to the bust, she was safe to return to her normal life after 6 years."
  • Ben Weiss (who directed many Friends episodes) directed this episode.
  • This is the first time the Elders are willing to use Mind Manipulation on the innocents below.
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