Tyler Michaels
Character Information
Birth date 1990
Species Firestarter - Witch
Status Alive

No family; adopted, old

Notable powers
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Pain Suppression
Portrayed by

Chord Overstreet

Tyler Michaels (born 1990) is the last remaining Firestarter on Earth. As the cataclysm wiped out the rest of the remaining Firestarters; Tyler was wanted by Ava almost immediately. Luckily, Paige and Wyatt got to him before her and he joined the Known coven; which frightened Ava.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Pyrokinesis - the ability to start and manipulate fire with the mind.
  • Pain Suppression - the ability to neutralize a beings perception of pain; this is useful if used in conjunction with his Pyrokinesis as he could burn someone/something without the person being aware. He can also use this ability on himself.