Demon Information
Species Demon
Status Vanquished
Notable powers

Valkiline was an upper-level demon who gained energy through sibling rivalry. He would manipulate the oldest and most powerful sibling to absorb the powers of his/her brothers/sisters - he would then take all of that power and use it to kill the parents. He senses his victims through the bond they have as a family, this means that Valkiline would of been able to sense if they were actually relatives.

Powers Gone Wild Edit

After trying to attack Wyatt, Chris and Melinda, the sisters thought of an idea to turn Piper into Chris and to wait for an attack. However when Valkiline attacked, Piper could not use her powers so he thwarted the plan. When Wyatt set him on fire with his pyrokinesis, Melinda used her ability to slow down the vanquishing process to torture Valkiline - it took minutes before Valkiline was finally vanquished.

Solo Piper Edit

Due to Valkiline being able to get inside Chris' mind before being vanquished allowed him to use Chris' newfound ability to resurrect himself; he then took Piper and Leo captive in the basement where they were found by Wyatt. Valkiline tried to kill the couple but was unsuccessful due to Wyatt not wanting that to happen (his powers work through a child's desire). Wyatt then used his projection ability to reverse this demons hold on his brother, allowing Valkiline to be vanquished once and for all.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Shimmering - his teleportation ability
  • Telekinesis - used to send Paige flying into a shelf
  • Mind Manipulation - the ability to get inside a child's mind and influence their actions
  • Fire Balls - his predominant method of attack
  • Sensing - able to sense the family bond between people
  • Power Negation - was able to reveal Piper when she was disguised as Chris
  • Power Absorption - able to absorb powers from most magical beings

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