Wyatt Halliwell (Void)
Character Information
Birth date 2003
Species Whitelighter - Witch
Status Alive
Notable powers
Portrayed by

Wes Ramsey

Wyatt Halliwell (born 2003) is the extremely powerful son of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt; he is also the leader of the Known coven. After witnessing his own mother, father and sister die in front of his eyes during the cataclysm, Wyatt set off on a trail of destruction before being rescued by aunt Paige. His current girlfriend is Jasmine Carter.

Powers and Abilities Edit

After the cataclysm and the demise of the Elders, all Orbing abilities were "darkened":

  • Dark Orbing - the ability to teleport in a flurry of dark orbs.
  • Telekinetic Dark Orbing - the ability to move objects through dark orbs.
  • Telekinesis - the ability to move objects with the mind.
  • Orb Shield - the ability to create an impenetrable shield made of orbs.
  • Healing - the ability to heal wounds and injuries on other people.
  • Projection - the ability to warp reality without the use of potions and spells. Powers activated through projection are:
    • Combustive Orbing - the ability to channel orbs through an object causing them to combust.
    • Pyrokinesis - the ability to create and manipulate fire.
    • Energy Waves - the ability to release a destructive wave.
    • Power Negation - the ability to cancel out another beings powers.
    • Conjuration - the ability to conjure objects out of thin air.